At al-Ta ͑līqāt §741, 415-416 (ed. Mousavian), the shaykh writes:

How baffling of them! For they establish the existence of the Maker by stating that bodies cannot be separate from occurents (hawadith), like motion and rest, and everything that cannot be separate from occurents is itself an occurent. The major [premise] needs critically revision. They say it is a primary [premise]. But this argument by way of their feeble-mindedness entails for them that the Maker – exalted and blessed – is an occurent. That is because according to them He is not without occurent volitions and occurent aversions – except that they state the volition of God – majestic and mighty – and His aversion are accidents that do not exist in a subject. And this as you can see is idiotic (sakhif).  Or they say His volition is an occurent phenomenon. From the coming-to- be (huduth) of His volition many absurdities necessarily follow. One is that [the volition] would have a cause – from [the side of] the essence of the Creator the exalted – in terms of an intention or a seeking of a thing in general. Another is the existence of change in the essence of the First. And another is that every occurent is preceded by an occurent ad infinitum


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